Meeting random strangers…

Today I went on a mini trip…I guess you can say I went on a mini-adventure with someone. We were hungry and decided to eat at this small Thai food restaurant in Anaheim. The ambiance was not romantic or anything high class…In fact, the restaurant was quite run down and it was located in the heart of a rather lower end plaza, but that didn’t stop us from entering the place. As we sat down, a friendly waitress walked over to us, smiling as though we were some close friends that she hadn’t seen for a long time. Her smile was contagious. I couldn’t help, but want to smile back. I guess, once in a while, you meet people who are just so warm…who are just so welcoming that you can’t help but want to hug them. Yup, she was the one.  

As our food came out and we were enjoying our delicious meal, two white men entered the restaurant. One man looked as though he was in his mid forties while the other man seemed as though he was somewhere in his seventies. The older fellow was carrying a case of beer and had this wide grin spread across his wrinkled face. He walked up to our table and, to my surprise, offered us some alcoholic beverages. I guess it caught me so much by surprise that I couldn’t really answer it. Luckily my companion managed to refuse the offer. He then progressed towards the cash register and talked to the waitress as though he was a long time customer, which he seemed to be. When he was done talking to the waitress, he walked over and sat at one of the tables directly across from us. He turned over and began talking to us so casually as though we were his long time friends. 

His name was Glenn. He talked about how he was the interviewer for a college in New York…He talked about his experience with alcohol and marijuana… He talked about how having one hit of marijuana is much better than drinking a lot of alcohol… He talked about politics and how Republicans are still caught up on Obama’s race and not his political stance… He talked about how fucked up the world is and how everyone is better off just relaxing and being happy… He talked about it all. 

He was one of the coolest and most insightful man that I have ever met in my life. It has truly been a wonderful evening…and to think, if we judged this restaurant by it’s cover, we would have never had such an experience.

Always keep an open mind because you just never know who you are going to meet and how that person may influence your life.